What it means to be an INFJ

It means:

1. I care. A lot. About basically everything. I can hide it, mask it, wall it, laugh about it, but I care. And I want you to be okay.

2. I actually want to know your problems. I want to understand. And I want to help. If you don’t let me help, I feel helpless, because I usually know that something is wrong. So instead of letting me quietly freak out, please tell me.

3. I won’t push. Come when you need me- I’m always here. And I’ll come when I need you. But I won’t push.

4. Just because I have a lot of emotions doesn’t mean I always use them. I can feel lots of things but when it comes down to it, I want logic and facts, and I want them now.

5. Don’t ever tell me I’m not as weird as I think I am. If you actually believe that, I probably haven’t told you much- I AM weird. Not THAT weird, but weird. This phrase is NOT motivational to me.

6. There’s always more. Always.

7. If I’m in my zone, I’m in my zone. please do not pull me out of said zone. If I don’t want to interact, don’t think you can make me. I need to watch and know what’s happening. In familiar settings, this may take an instant. Otherwise, be prepared to watch me go find a tree.

8. If you ask, I will give you a real answer. If you trust me, I’ll probably trust you. I don’t want to leave you hanging, I just want to know I won’t fall and hit my head. :P

9. Be careful playing games with me. I can have fun but there are always lines in the sand. Know them and avoid them, and we can beat each other. :)

10. Know that I desperately want people to understand. If you want to understand I’ll help you, and if you don’t, I won’t. There’s a lot in my head. And I’m usually suspicious of people if I sense something is “off.” I’m constantly gathering information in all sorts of ways. Just know that I’m probably trying to figure you out, that I care, and that I’m careful. The end.

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